Amanda Stichbury, Accommodation Find, Internet Find and Special Days false billing scam continues

Amanda Stichbury final notice - Office of Fair Trading Queensland

Many business owners, particularly those in the travel and tourism industry, will be familiar with the long running false billing scam perpetrated by Amanda Stichbury – director of the companies Special Days Pty Ltd, Accommodation Find Pty Ltd and Internet Find Pty Ltd.

How the scam originally functioned was that business owners would receive what looked like a renewal invoice in the post or via email for advertising on websites which they never ordered. Some of those websites had similar names to official government or tourism websites, which was a source of great confusion to many receiving the bills.

While the actual advertisements did exist on the websites stated, they were not authorised nor ordered by most of the business owners.

In 2014, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in Queensland achieved successful court action against Amanda Stichbury after many years of business owners being inundated with bills for advertising they never ordered. Amanda Stichbury and her companies were fined almost $20,000 with convictions recorded. At the time, the OFT described the business activities of Amanda Stichbury as being “based almost entirely on deception” and “preying upon time-poor businesses“.

In 2017, Amanda Stichbury was fined a further $50,000 and convicted on a total of 166 charges in relation to sending invoices for unsolicited services and for making false and misleading representations. This related to businesses receiving notices stating their existing listing on certain websites had expired and they would need to renew them. These notices implied a previous business relationship which was false.

In 2019, the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland yet again successfully prosecuted Amanda Stichbury in the Federal Circuit Court for “breaches of the unsolicited consumer agreement provisions“. An injunction has been issued against Amanda Stichbury which permanently prevents her from directly or indirectly engaging in this conduct in the future, anywhere in Australia. Should she breach this injunction, she may be jailed.

The acting executive director of the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland, Craig Turner, slammed the long running business practices of Amanda Stichbury, declaring that “behaviour like Ms Stichbury’s has no place in Australia.”

Despite the recent court action, tourism businesses around Australia are still receiving emails originating from Amanda Stichbury and her companies. The latest is from Accommodation Find ( claiming that a business listing has been deactivated, thus resulting in lost bookings, and requiring it to be reactivated. This process leads to a page with typically outdated information about a business and a request to update it. It appears there is then a $99 annual fee to pay, however businesses that don’t claim their listing don’t appear to get removed. See below for an example of such an email.

If you receive an unsolicited request to claim a listing you never ordered and then to pay for it, you can lodge an official complaint with the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland at

False billion scams are of course not new – they have been going on for many years in Australia, costing businesses many millions of dollars. A number of perpetrators of false billing scams are so successful that court fines are simply treated by them as one of the basic costs of doing business, with revenue far exceeding any fines they may receive over time.

A collection of some Special Days Pty Ltd, Accommodation Find Pty Ltd and Internet Find Pty Ltd websites are listed below. Businesses may receive unsolicited listing renewal requests from any of these.

Accommodation Adelaide –
Accommodation Airlie Beach –
Accommodation Australia –
Accommodation Broome –
Accommodation Cairns –
Accommodation Find –
Accommodation Gold Coast –
Accommodation in Bendigo –
Accommodation Melbourne –
Accommodation New Zealand –
Accommodation NT –
Accommodation Perth –
Accommodation Search –
Accommodation Sunshine Coast –
Accommodation Sydney –
Accommodation VIC –
Aged Care Find –
Attractions –
Attractions Brisbane –
Attractions Melbourne –
Attractions Perth –
Australia Private Schools –
Brisbane Private Schools –
Broome Tourism –
Builder Melbourne –
Byron Bay Accommodations –
Caravan Park Accommodation –
Car Rental –
Childcare –
Childcare Sydney –
Click Find –
Church Find –
Coolangatta Guide –
Dentist Find –
Dentist in Melbourne –
Education Directory –
Education NSW –
Education QLD –
Education VIC –
Education WA –
Find Chemist –
Golf Find –
Great Ocean Road Tourism –
Hairdresser Find –
Holiday Gold Coast –
Hotel Find –
How Local –
Hotel VIC –
Lightening Ridge Tourism –
Mackay Tourism –
Melbourne Accountant –
Melbourne Hairdresser –
Melbourne Schools –
Melbourne Tourism –
New South Wales Tourism –
Perth Private Schools –
Pubs and Clubs –
Pubs Melbourne –
QLD Tourism –
Redcliffe Tourism –
Restaurant Brisbane –
Restaurant Find –
Restaurant Gold Coast –
Restaurant Guide –
Search Accommodation –
South Australia Guide –
Sunshine Coast Tourism –
Sydney Private Schools –
Sydney Tourism –
Tourism Adelaide –
Tourism Brisbane –
Tourism Caloundra –
Tourism Canberra –
Tourism Cairns –
Tourism Gold Coast –
Tourism Guide –
Tourism Listing –
Tourism Tas –
Tourism WA –
Townsville Tourism –
Travel Agents Melbourne –
Travel Guide –
Vet Australia –
Vet Melbourne –
Victoria Tourism –
VIC Tourism –
Whitsundays Accommodation –
Whitsundays Tourism –


Fake biller Amanda Stichbury issued final notice
Queensland Office of Fair Trading

Fake biller Amanda Stichbury allegedly fleecing businesses again
My Business

Companies referred to in the Queensland Office of Fair Trading court action

Special Days Pty Ltd
ABN – 37 086 159 211
ACN – 086 159 211

Accommodation Find Pty Ltd
ABN – 18 086 159 195
ACN – 086 159 195

Internet Find Pty Ltd
ABN – 68 162 430 159
ACN – 162 430 159

Contact phone number of these companies – 1300 656 789 and/or 1800 199 863.



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